Energizing you to think differently 


Energizing people and organisational performance 

With an exceptional ability to connect with a wide spectrum of people, Omar the Energizer is now a well-renowned performance coach, trainer and facilitator. Over the last 26 years, Omar the Energizer has had the privilege of providing guidance and expertise 

in various areas of people and organisational development. During this time he has had the opportunity to energize and coach people to overcome personal and professional life challenges to complex organisational issues keeping CEO’s, Managing Directors and their senior leadership teams up at night.  


Omar the Energizers core purpose is to...


Inspire people to think differently in a way that moves them towards getting what they want in their personal and professional lives.


His experience and knowledge includes a complementary set of personal breakthrough and professional skills that allow him to create values and deliver results in the following areas:

  • Personal & professional performance coaching

  • Energizing group training and facilitation activities 

  • Culture change and organisational transformation

  • Employee & customer engagement strategies 

  • HR and talent development strategies


Word on the Street

I have really valued the opportunity and personally thank my coach Omar for his words of wisdom, guidance, challenge and support.  There were two fundamental objectives that I wanted to overcome and Omar has helped me reach these.

Michele Smith Coaching Testimony
Account Director – Network Rail Single Market Interface, Recruitment

I connected with my coach on our very first call and I believe that made the whole difference for me.
I wish I could dig deeper on some of my remaining issues but unfortunately all good things have to end.
I will definitely recommend coaching and have been already doing it for while. It definitely changed my life.

Stephanie Malka
EMEA NOC Director 

"An exceptional communicator that has the ability to transform structures and people in a way that creates high-performance cultures that facilitate lasting and tangible results combined with the ability to remove any or all actions that potentially cloud a process or strategy in reaching its end results."

Bobby Moore
CEO of Sipp London

New 90 DAY Blueprint image June 2021.png

The HR Credibility Accelerator

A 90day promotion coaching programme – 15 modules, 1 Major Impact.

The following programme is delivered via 90min one to one coaching sessions over 12weeks. The programme core outcomes are to provide you with the knowledge set, skillset, and mindset to have greater personal & professional credibility, impact on getting promoted in 90days.


Working with Omar the Energizer

   Carpe Diem

Omar firmly believes that providing exceptional service starts with adopting a  win win or no deal attitude. With this mindset his services are totally dedicated to creating value for the people and organisations he partners with or it's No Deal...



Committed to assisting people on how to achieve new levels of performance and happiness, Omar the Energizer is ready to help you get the results you want in your life. 

Why wait any longer to get what you have always wanted?

Take action and book a complimentary 30min meeting of minds call today.

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As a highly experienced leadership and organisational facilitator, Omar the Energizer knows how to build a program and experience that provides exactly what you and your team needs for success. Book a consultation today to see how Omar the Energizer can help you create more value and impact.




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